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Vegemite Ugly Christmas Sweater 8 web 1

One-Of-A-Kind Gifts

You have questions? We’re here to help.

What gifts can you personalize with photos?

At Christmasstartswithchrist we offer an extensive selection of distinctive photo gifts for you to browse, including canvas prints, mugs, desktop plaques, photo pillows, and blankets. Our user-friendly personalization process allows you to create a truly unique gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or any other special occasion, our picture presents are exceptional gifts that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Look no further, your perfect photo gift awaits you at Christmasstartswithchrist

How can I add my photos to a product?

We provide a hassle-free and user-friendly photo uploading experience. Once you’re on the product page, begin by selecting the desired size and style. Next, click on ‘Personalize’ to navigate to our ‘Customization’ window. Within this window, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your cherished photo(s) from various sources such as your mobile phone, computer, or even Facebook. Your uploaded photo(s) can then be seamlessly incorporated into the chosen product.

Can I add text as to these photo gifts as well?

In addition to capturing moments through pictures, we understand that sometimes words can enhance the personal touch of a gift. That’s why we offer the option to easily add text and make your gift even more meaningful. Many of our designs can be further personalized with custom text. Whether it’s adding names and dates to the item or including a heartfelt message for the recipient, you have the flexibility to express your sentiments in a personalized way.

What resolution and in what format should my photos be?

To achieve superior print image quality, the key lies in using high-resolution images. Simply put, the higher the resolution of an image, the better the printed output will be. For optimal results, we suggest uploading photos with a pixel density (PPI) of at least 150. This ensures that your photo gifts maintain their sharpness and clarity. It’s important to note that the accepted file formats for uploading photos are JPG, JPEG, and PNG. By adhering to these recommendations, you can ensure that your cherished memories are faithfully represented in the final printed product.

Can I preview my personalization before checking out?

At Christmasstartswithchrist , we offer draft previews for every product to ensure your satisfaction. Once you have completed the customization process and clicked ‘Finish’ in the ‘Customization’ window, a preview of your personalized photo gift will appear. If you are pleased with the final result, simply select ‘Add to cart’ to proceed with your purchase or continue browsing our collection. Before checking out, you have the opportunity to review the personalization details of the items in your cart. If you notice any discrepancies from your original design, please feel free to go back and begin the personalization process again to make the necessary adjustments. We want to ensure that your order meets your expectations and reflects your unique vision.

May I make a correction to my order customization after it has been submitted?

To avoid any errors or delays in production and delivery, we kindly advise you to carefully review your customization before proceeding to checkout. Double-checking ensures that your order accurately reflects your desired personalization. In the event that you need to make any changes to your order customization, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated Customer Support team. They are available to assist you further and can be contacted at [email protected]. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to help resolve any concerns you may have regarding your order.