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Picture of the nativity scene with baby Santa rather than baby Jesus

The Christmas story has been around for a long time, but today it's being forgotten.

Just 12 per cent of adults know the nativity story, and more than one-third of children don’t know whose birthday it is. Meanwhile, 51 per cent of people now say the birth of Jesus is irrelevant to their Christmas.

Together we can reverse the trend

Some of the UK’s leading Christian groups, including the Church of England, the Evangelical Alliance and Bible Society, are coming together because we believe Christmas is worth saving.

Christmas Starts with Christ is a campaign aimed at helping churches to make Christ and the amazing story of his birth the focus of the nation’s favourite time of year.

Christmas Starts

The campaign kicked off on December 1st this year with the first-ever nationwide Christmas Starts Sunday, at the beginning of Advent.

And the campaign is now live on the Christmas Starts website, which is for anyone who wants to know what Christmas is all about, and how its story can become their story.

Meanwhile, on this website, you’ll find posters, radio commercials and other great resources for churches and groups to use. And we’ll keep you in touch with what’s happening.

Thanks for reading. Please tell others about Christmas Starts with Christ by tweeting and sharing… on and offline!

Image of the 2013 campaign review report
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